Trek West

Trek West 2 Update #7! Day 19: Today we went to Chabad for morning services and lunch. We experience an Orthodox Shabbat serive, and disconnected from our phones! We then went to Telegraph Street to discover all Berkeley has to offer. We closed our day with fun games and discussions before havdallah. We had separate [...]

Trek West 2 Update #6! Enjoy updates from our participants and from us, your staff! Day 16: Yesterday we started off the day swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe. We then boarded the bus for a scenic ride around the lake. We arrived at the 1960 Olympic Games sight at Squaw Valley, and [...]

Trek West 2… Update #4! Today’s updates come to us from our teens… enjoy! Day 9: The Museum of Tolerance taught me some things about the Holocaust that I did not know. It taught me that not one single person caused it –  but the idea of one person, Hitler, that rapidly spread throughout many [...]

Trek West 2… Update #2! Day 3: Today we were excited to begin our hiking adventures in the beautiful Grand Canyon. We hiked down into the canyon along the Bright Angle Trail and along the rim, seeing petroglyphs on the rock, squirrels, deer, and the amazing expanse of the red rock and the Colorado River. [...]