Trek Israel

Trek Israel… Update #6! Wow! What an adventure we’ve been having. After stargazing Sunday night and watching the sunset and moon rise, our group was eager to get moving Monday  morning. Monday started with an early morning walk through the Negev desert exploring the mountainous terrain, learning about desert wildlife and the creative ways they [...]

Trek Israel… Update #5! Friday On Friday we went to Tel Aviv’s Diaspora Museum to learn about how the Jewish people have been spread around the world, learn about what temples are like in other parts of the world, and walk the Jewish Hall of Fame complete with interactive games and displays about various Jewish [...]

Trek Israel… Update #4! Hello from Trek Israel! We hope you’re all doing well! It is incredible to see how much the group has bonded in this past week! Being dirty, sweaty, and tired, as we pushed ourselves to hike through this gorgeous country, definitely helped us all become comfortable with each other quickly and [...]