Day 13- Denali! Before even setting foot on this glorious land that is Alaska, I had been forewarned of the mysteries surrounding the largest Natural Wonder in North America. Highest elevation from base (sea level) to summit (20,320 feet), more hikers fail to summit the apex than Everest, yet the most relevant fact is that [...]

Dear Friends and Families, Day 10- This Too Shall Pass Rushed out of the cabin at 9 a.m.! With our food re-supply, tents, sleeping bags, etc., there was a lot of packing up and everyone helped. Wandered about Hatcher Pass through the independence gold mine in search of little nuggets of wealth and history in [...]

Dear Friends and Families, Day 8-Sea Night Life The day started off with a quick and methodical clean of the Girdwood Lodge. With a well calculated plan in place, we tag teamed the whole house and were done in no time. We piled into the bus and watched as Girdwood faded away. The next 3 [...]

Dear Friends and Families, Day 3-Explore Today way incredible. It started by going to a Bat Mitzvah for a local Alaskan girl, Sophia. It was cool seeing a service that had all the similarities of one’s at home, but was in a totally different place with some of the songs in different tunes. They had [...]

Dear Friends and Families, Day 1-Travel Travel day is always a long drawn out endeavor. Starting extremely early in the morning makes for an interesting trek. I was able to sleep most of the way on the first flight from Pittsburgh. I missed the cool breakfast which was a lovely bag of peanuts, mouthwatering I [...]