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Our itinerary is so jam packed that sometimes it’s hard to remember what we did even yesterday! We started Monday with touring the mystical city of Tzfat – the home of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, which uses mainstream and obscure texts interpreted in unorthodox ways to reveal teachings that are otherwise unknown. We met [...]

Hello! Excited to be writing to you about our extremely fun week we’ve had. It’s been a memorable time filled with friends, fun, and relaxation. We spent Shabbat in Haifa with 4 other journey groups post-elective week. Our campers reconnected with friends from home, met many new people, and enjoyed a fun-filled extreme park and pool. [...]

Bye Slovenia!  Today, we left magnificent Slovenia to head all the way to Florence. This morning we stopped at the most visited cave in Europe in Postoinsja! We took a train down more than 100 km. It looked like a Disney ride and was so cold inside. It was a nice break from the heat. Yesterday, we hiked [...]

Shalom from San Francisco International Airport! We can’t believe three weeks have passed this fast, and the group is sad to leave and say goodbye. Over three weeks we hiked four U.S. national parks (Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Yosemite), toured three major U.S. cities (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), volunteered twice, and [...]

Friday, we began our day learning about Machon Ayalon, a secret, historical ammunition factory. Then, we went to Nahalat Binyamin Street, where we had lunch at the market, went shopping and cooled off with smoothies. After, we went to The Banana Beach and soaked in the sun and jumped the waves! We headed back to [...]

The past four days have nothing but excitement. Each day has been filled with new adventures, new friends, and new experiences. When we first arrived we were shocked with Arizona’s 115 degree heat. As we all broke the ice with some fun ice breaks and a pool party. we got to know each other better [...]

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