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We are having an incredible first week full of learning, exploring, and new experiences!Today, we started out with ODT programming. Then, we departed Jerusalem and headed to Caesarea, a town on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. Here, we got to visit Harod’s Roman amphitheater and grand palace. We learned about the history of Herod and his creations [...]

For the last couple of days, we’ve been soooo excited to volunteer our time with people with disabilities on a local farm and a retirement community through Oranim College! Today, the teens were taken on a tour of Oranim College’s beautiful botanical garden. On the tour, the guides explained that the pine trees that they [...]

We are having the best time! Today, we started the day with a Bina walking tour and Limmud session. Then we went to the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in Jaffa where we learned how Israel became the ‘Startup Nation.’  This was followed by a delicious lunch at Dr. Shakshuka restaurant in Jaffa and [...]

Live from the bus, it’s 3C—we are having a fantastic and super busy week!  Here are some words from our wonderful Emily J. and Estee M. about our trip so far: “The past week has been jam-packed with activities and spending time with this amazing group of people. We visited Tel Aviv and Jaffa, exploring [...]

We are here with another update from Israel Journey #3A! We ended our time in Tel Aviv with a relaxing beach day on Shabbat and then an exciting night at the mall following Havdalah. We woke up bright and early on Sunday to begin our drive down south. Along the way we made a few [...]

Shalom! Israel Journey #3A recently finished celebrating our second Shabbat in Israel, this time in Tel Aviv! We’ve had a hot and busy few days moving across the country and we’re definitely all ready for some rest and relaxation!  On day 10, we stopped at Atlit Detention Camp and Zichron Yaakov to learn about the [...]

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