Trek Israel

Hello! Excited to be writing to you about our extremely fun week we’ve had. It’s been a memorable time filled with friends, fun, and relaxation. We spent Shabbat in Haifa with 4 other journey groups post-elective week. Our campers reconnected with friends from home, met many new people, and enjoyed a fun-filled extreme park and pool. [...]

As we continue our trek through the Holy Land, we continue to learn about the land, the people, and the culture.Today was our second day of the sea to sea hike, but the first full day of intense voyaging. We woke up in the wee hours of the morning to an oddly cloudy sky and [...]

On Friday morning we went to the Jewish diaspora museum where we learned about Judaism in other countries, famous Jews, and Jewish comedy. We also had a fun day at the beach learning to surf having fun in the water.  We ended the day by having a teen led Kabbalah Shabbat with songs and prayer. ~Ethan [...]

We’ve had a crazy few days with traveling to Jerusalem, and now making our way to Tel Aviv! All of our time was stolen by all of the fun things we have been doing. Here is a synopsis from one of our participants: Yesterday we participated in an archaeological dig and then continued on our journey into [...]

Shalom from Trek Israel 2019! Last night after we all joined forces in Israel, we started our journey to a kibbutz. Once we got there the jet lag kicked in, and we were eager to shower/sleep and prepare for the next day! Today we started the day bright and early with a nice wake-up call from the [...]