Israel Journey PLUS

This week we returned back to the old city of Jerusalem after three and a half weeks of seeing and experiencing the wonders that Israel has to offer. At the very beginning of the trip, we toured the old city and learned about its importance. Walking around those same stone streets with completely different and [...]

Since we last wrote, we were just getting started on our elective week. It’s been a week filled with ups and downs for many of us (literally for the Sea-to-Sea group), and many of us could use a nice long shower. But, it’s been an incredible experience learning about ourselves and those around us in [...]

Three words/phrases to describe our day are inspiring, building community, and teamwork. Inspiring: Near the end of our day we traveled to an Israeli Children’s museum to explore an exhibit called “invitation for silence.” In groups, we put on noise-canceling headphones and walked through various situations with a deaf tour guide. We learned to use hand [...]