ILSI: Moving South

After a long drive from the North to the South, we found ourselves in the Bedouin Tent. We rode camels and learned about the Bedouin culture and enjoyed their famous hospitality. In the evening, we sat under the stars in our Mishpachot reflecting on the day and the trip. The last few days have been [...]

ILSI: Electives in Tel Aviv

On Monday we had a full day in Tel Aviv. We had a choice of four different places to go-to for the morning. One group went to Haaretz, the longest-running paper in Israel and one of the major one’s today. We met editors and saw the newsroom while learning about the political situation in Israel [...]

ILSI: Shabbat in Tzfat

Friday morning we drove up to the mystical city of Tzfat. One of the four holy cities in Israel, Tzfat is a center for Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. We had a great opportunity to learn about Kabbalah from Avraham Lowenthal, an artist in Tzfat who emigrated from America in search of more spiritual life. From there, [...]

Wednesday morning we met Muslim students in two different villages in the north. After a brief overview of the conflict in Israel, we saw above any perceived political or religious differences and spoke to the students about things we could relate on. After an incredible conversation, we exchanged Instagrams and headed to a Druze village [...]

We arrived safely in the north to our beautiful home for three nights at Kibbutz Ein Zivan. It is located in the Golan Heights, an area conquered by Israel during the Six-Day War. Upon arrival, one of the members of the kibbutz gave us a tour, pointing out old army bases used in the war, [...]

This Friday and Saturday, ILSI experienced our first Shabbat here in Israel at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem. We brought in the Shabbat looking out onto the hills of Jerusalem with an opening speech by DC Council’s Jeremy Hasson about new experiences and building a cohesive ILSI community. Basia Gregorczyk of Warsaw, Poland followed, sharing her [...]

Hello from the Holy Land and from the ILSI community.  On our opening night 99 teens and 13 staff from 12 countries, discussed how Israel, is not only going to be our home but our classroom for the next three weeks. On ILSI, we are going to explore this vibrant country, understand some of its [...]