Stand UP South Africa

Hello all! This Shabbat we were able to spend time with an Orthodox congregation in Johannesburg. We went to Friday night services and spent all of Saturday with them as well, eating many meals, and listening to a few speakers from the Jewish community. Before the service some of us were skeptical of what the [...]

Good Morning from Kubu Lodge: Please enjoy updates from teens on our trip! Our third day of service was so amazing. Working alongside many adults and kids from the community, and Eco-Children volunteers, we got so much done! We had the best time playing different sports and hand games with the kids and continuing to [...]

Hello Friends and Family! Please enjoy updates written by teens on our trip! Goeie More (Good Morning in Afrikaans), We arrived at the amazing eco garden and were greeted by Robert, who works for the organization and was overseeing operations. He, along with the Principal of the local school the garden is based at, gave [...]