Israel Journey #2 Bus A

Hello Friends and Families! Please enjoy the following update from Leah Learner, one of the teens on our trip! Today was one of our most packed days yet and subsequently one of the best. In order to beat the harsh desert heat we woke up early and immediately departed for the Kassui Sand dunes. We [...]

July 3 by Ethan Blum Gazing upon a shimmering, blue coast, I truly realized the pure beauty of Israel’s aquatic attraction, the Mediterranean. After toiling for approximately two hours in a volunteering service to aid for the poverty of Israel, we were introduced to a short-film explaining the history of these exotic, one-of-a-kind grottoes. Although [...]

Sunday July 1 2018 by Kyle Bakhshi Today we explored the Golan Heights. We began our day with a beautiful hike in one of the mountains to the biggest waterfall in that area. We learned about the history of the Golan Heights and how Israel gained that territory. I thought the waterfall was beautiful. Our [...]