ILSI – Update #5

Shalom Friends and Family, The last few days have been full of personal exploration, challenge and examples of leadership from this country we have come to love! We departed the Bedouin Tent for a beautiful hike in Ein Avdat, a national nature preserve. We saw the power of the desert to bring forth life and [...]

ILSI Update #4

Shavuah Tov from the Holy City of Tzfat! We celebrated Shabbat in a unique fashion, mixed with locals and other groups, at a Carlebach style synagogue. The men and women of this synagogue welcome Shabbat each week in energetic dance and joyous prayer. We sang and danced with them outside, as the sun set behind [...]

ILSI Update #3

Shabbat Shalom! We have had a busy few day and we are excited to share them with you! After we woke up from the camping outside next to the Sea of Galilee, the Kineret, we packed up and –continued our learning about the early pioneers of Israel at Atlit, a British detention center during their [...]

ILSI Update #2

Shavuah Tov from the North of Israel! After an exciting first day in Jerusalem we traveled towards the north to an archeological site called Tel Meggido. Mentioned in both Jewish and Christian texts, the mountain of Meggido housed an ancient city, and it once guarded a narrow trade route connecting Egypt and Assyria, it was [...]

ILSI Update #1

Shalom ILSI 2018 Family and Friends, Hello from the Holy Land and from ILSI! On our opening night we discussed how Israel, is not only going to be our home but our classroom. On ILSI, we are going to explore this vibrant country, understand some of its complexities and use our time to refine our [...]