Summer 2017

Dear Friends and Families, After a fun time at the Crocodile Park and Water Park in Torremolinos, we made our way further down Spain to Gibraltar- a small but historically rich country part of the United Kingdom. During our journey to the the southern tip of Europe, we sang the Star Spangled Banner passionately and [...]

Dear Friends and Families, This last Thursday morning, we all finally came together as a group, arriving in El Prat Barcelona Airport from, quite literally, all corners of the world! The excitement was electric and far exuded the exhaustion from hours of flying across time zones. We had just begun and we’re about to get [...]

Dear Families, What a busy few days we’ve had! Thursday started at A Wider Circle, an organization that works tirelessly to support those living in poverty and provide them opportunities to furnish their houses with lightly used donations. Your teens spent the morning moving furniture, folding and organizing linens, and sorting and packaging books for [...]

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