Pacific Connect

Hello from Flagstaff, Arizona! We have been having a blast in the Southwest! On Friday morning, we left our hotel in St. George, Utah and headed straight to the exceptionally beautiful and exceptionally hot Zion National Park. We hiked, souvenir shopped, and hydrated all while learning all about the formation of the amazing red rock [...]

We are having a great time in California. On Friday morning we got up and enjoyed delicious herbal tea and fortune cookies (they’re actually Japanese, not Chinese!) from the famous Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. We toured the gardens, took photos and admired the amazing bonsai trees and exquisite flowers. From there our day [...]

The last few days have been very full and invigorating. We are really enjoying our adventures in the Pacific Northwest. On Wednesday we went all the way up to the Mount St. Helens Observatory and were surrounded with breathtaking views. We learned all about this magnificent mountain and how it’s formed and what it’s activity [...]