Israel XPR – Experiencing Israel, One Scroll at a Time

Our first week is off to a great start!!

Today, we wanted the teens to experience what it feels like during Shabbat in the most populated city in Israel, Jerusalem! We took them to a local park and sat in the grass for an intimate Shabbat service. 

Then, we headed over to the Israel Museum to take photos in front of the famous אהבה (ahava, love) sign, and learn about the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls. Our tour guide taught the teens that, until the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in the 1940s, there was no physical proof that the Jewish religion was one of the oldest at around 3000 years old. The scrolls solidified this fact as they were aged to be around 2500 years old!

Afterwards, we had a relaxing menucha (rest) at the park and returned to the hotel for dinner. After a delicious meal, we drove over to Ben Yehuda street for a meaningful Havdalah and had time to walk around before heading to bed! Tonight, we will be staying in Jerusalem in a hotel near the Supreme Court.

We want to personally shout out Andrew and Jordan, our two boys from LA who have been so enthusiastic the entire trip and embracing every experience! Their energy is contagious and they have encouraged others to also come out of their shells.
More updates to come!

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