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For the last couple of days, we’ve been soooo excited to volunteer our time with people with disabilities on a local farm and a retirement community through Oranim College!

Today, the teens were taken on a tour of Oranim College’s beautiful botanical garden. On the tour, the guides explained that the pine trees that they saw were not native to the land of Israel. A long time ago, they rapidly started planting pine trees in an effort to expand the vegetation in the region. However, they did not realize at the time that pine trees were extremely flammable and grew so quickly. So now, there is a movement to replace the trees with Oak trees in the region!

The community service on the farm was a great experience and we were so proud of many of the teens and their openness at this visit. The farm organizers call the people with disabilities who work there “friends” and we overheard many of our teens having meaningful conversations with the friends of the farm and being so engaged. By the end of this visit, we overheard some of the friends telling our teens “I will miss you so much” and it was such a special experience. It was clear how much of an impact it made on the friends who spent time with our teens. 

We also enjoyed meeting the international students who are enrolled in some of the programs through the university, and we even did an activity where we created our own Jewish holidays with them (Happy Jewish Friends Day!). Lastly, we enjoyed some fun in the sun at a local public pool.

We want to shout out David! He is always the first to volunteer his help, shows up every morning with an amazing attitude, is enthusiastic with everything we do, and is consistently asking to help around where he is needed. We love you, King David!

Tonight, we spend our last night at Oranim College until we head out to Daganya where the teens will get to see the first-ever kibbutz.

More updates soon!

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