Israel Journey #5A – Under the Scorching Sun

Israel Journey 5A is off to a fantastic start! We are now over a week into our trip and it has been amazing. On July 18th, day 7 of our trip, we started off the day with breakfast at our hotel. We then did a super refreshing water hike alongside Israel Journey 5C. The temperature outside was 100 degrees, but the hike allowed us to cool off.

On our original itinerary, we weren’t supposed to do the water hike. Instead we were planning on hiking the Nahal Jilaboun Canyon on the Golan Heights. The participants didn’t seem to mind the schedule change at all. In fact, Noah B. explained, “Why not do all the hikes because when are you ever going to do it again?” We are so thrilled with the flexibility and excitement all of our teens continue to exhibit, even when things don’t go according to schedule.

Following our meet-up with 5C, we headed to Maayan Baroch for lunch, as one big group. It was so nice to be able to mix and mingle with 5C and share the differences and similarities of our Israel experience.

After lunch, we ventured off to our second hike of the day. We were able to hike the Banias in the upper Galilee region of Israel. The beautiful scenery allowed us to take lots of photographs of an experience we won’t ever forget.

Finally, we ended the day on the amazing Jordan river. We went rafting all along the river and then for dinner we had a fresh pizza meal with lots of different toppings to choose from. We also learned a lot about Israel’s relationship with Lebanon and the Golan Heights. The day was truly a perfect mix between learning and physical activity.

Tonight, we will be staying at Ami’ad Kibbutz and we cannot wait to see what the days ahead of us have to offer.

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