Israel Journey #3C – We’re Just Getting Started!

June 29

What a day we’ve had! 

We all (well, most of us) rested well on the flight to Israel and we landed into a beautiful day. After getting our first COVID-19 tests, we took a scenic ride to Jerusalem and finally got connected with all of our staff! After a quick dinner on the road, we took the next step in our COVID-19 clearance: getting our blood tests. Even though it was a bit hectic, we are one step closer towards our clearance and soon will be able to head out into the beautiful State of Israel! Tonight, we’re resting up, adjusting our sleep schedules, and getting ready for the adventure ahead. Yallah!

July 4/5/6

We have had the most amazing time since officially starting our journey, and a true highlight has been this incredible weekend! Please enjoy this update, submitted by our very own Brandon:

Hey everyone! On Friday we celebrated such a moving Shabbat together. Our counselor Justin taught us a song called a Nigun, and coming together to learn it and sign it was such a bonding experience. Since it was Shabbat, we spent Saturday resting and enjoying our free time as a group. We closed out the night with a really nice Havdalah service and a boat party, which was such a fun way to celebrate the start of a new week and take in the scenery. On Sunday we had a blast rafting down the Jordan river. Then we went to the ancient city of Tzfat and enjoyed the spiritual and artistic personality of the city. When we got back, we finished the night off with basketball to close out the weekend!

We are hitting the ground running after an exciting weekend and relaxing first week. We’ll be in touch again soon!

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