Israel Journey #3C – Traveling through the State of Israel

Tomorrow, on day 13, we will be leaving from the south of Israel so we are resting up tonight and getting ready for all the adventures to come! Here are some words from participant Kayla on what we have been up to the last few days!

“The past couple of days we have been traveling a lot.  We started our day in Tel Aviv exploring one of its most diverse neighborhoods. After leaving, we shopped around Jaffa’s street markets, storefronts, and had lunch at Dr. Shakshuka. It was delicious! We ended the day eating Ethiopian food and learning about Jewish Ethiopian history. 

Today, on day 12, we went to the Innovation Center and learned about the impressive technological advancements the country has to offer. After leaving we went to the beach to swim. After our time at the beach, the group departed and spent the afternoon at the Carmel Shuk.”

All of our participants have been having an amazing time traveling throughout the State of Israel and we are so excited to keep the momentum going! In the coming days, we are looking forward to watching our participants continue to bond, have fun, make memories, and learn. 


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