Israel Journey #3A – Time Flies when You’re Having Fun

Our group here in Israel has been very hot, busy, and full of making fun memories! Over the past couple of days we have covered a lot of ground. 

On Monday morning, we ascended the Golan Heights and had an exciting water hike along the Nahal Jilaboun canyon! We were in water up to our knees and carefully navigated the slippery rocks to make it to a beautiful freshwater spring. This was a great opportunity for us to splash around and cool off!

After the hike, we dried off a bit and headed over to have a pizza picnic for lunch. Following the pizza picnic, we all hopped in a Jeep and embarked on an awesome private tour of the Golan region. We got a front row view of the Syrian border and had a chance to learn from our tour guides about the Syrian civil war and Israel’s role in providing medical support to Syrian civilians. 

Following the Jeep tour, we stopped by Mount Ben Tal, a (dormant!) volcano for another breathtaking view and exploration of former IDF bunkers. We wrapped up the day by heading to the Druze community to learn about their interesting history and taste some delicious homemade food from their culture in the Golan village of Ein Kinya!

On Tuesday, we began the day with an exciting field trip to meet with some Arab-Israeli teens. The teens all had a chance to discuss their lives and culture and learn about the unique experiences of the other group. They exchanged some social media and will surely be keeping in touch with their new friends! 

After lunch, we spent some time climbing through the Rosh Hanikrah ocean caves and then explored the Acco seaport. Finally, the teens had a chance to do a little mall shopping before settling into our new accommodations in Haifa! 

 It’s been a great start to the week and we can’t wait to see what comes next! 

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