Israel Journey #3A – From Dawn to Dusk, From Mountain to Sea

Israel Journey 3A has had a jam-packed couple of days embarking on some of the most well-known and exhausting Israeli adventures! On Tuesday morning we finished our time in the desert by touring our kibbutz and learning about the kibbutz style of living before heading back up north. After a nice drive, we found ourselves in the lowest place on earth—the Dead Sea! All of the teens got to experience the saltiness of the water and the magic of sitting back and floating with ease. They put some Dead Sea mud on their bodies to make the whole experience even more soothing and enjoyable! We also ate some popsicles on the beach to fight off the heat that was present in both the water and in the air. 

Once we concluded our time at the Dead Sea, we drove over to the Bedouin tents where we camped out and spent the night. We met up with all of the Israel Journey 3 buses for a big desert sleepover! After a delicious dinner, the teens had an opportunity to hear about the Bedouin style of living and learn more about the history of the community. We wrapped up our programming for the night with delicious s’mores and a bonfire before inviting the teens to enjoy some free time around the tents! 

Our group slept for a very small number of hours before waking up at 4am to prepare for our day. We got dressed and ate some tea and biscuits in the dark and then hopped on the bus. Before we knew it we had arrived at Masada and were seeing the beginnings of the sunrise! We quickly hiked up the Roman Ramp trail to make it to a viewing point before the sun fully rose in the distance. It was an incredible moment on our trip! We stuck around Masada for a couple more hours to learn about the history of this very important place before heading back down the Roman Ramp. 

After Masada, we ate breakfast back at the Bedouin tents to get some energy for camel riding! Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed giving a name and backstory to their camel! We then began our last big drive up north, stopping along the way at Ein Gedi nature reserve. We splashed around in some natural springs and waterfalls to cool down and relax before our final leg of the drive. We are now back in Jerusalem and feeling excited and sad about our final few days together! 

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