Israel Journey #3A – Coming to You Live

We are here with another update from Israel Journey #3A! We ended our time in Tel Aviv with a relaxing beach day on Shabbat and then an exciting night at the mall following Havdalah. We woke up bright and early on Sunday to begin our drive down south.

Along the way we made a few stops. We stopped at Netiv HaAsara on the border with Gaza to learn about steps being taken to create community and peace in the area. We were given handmade tiles with our wishes written on the back that were added to their vibrant peace wall. 

Next, we made a stop at the tomb of David Ben Gurion, called Sde Boker, to learn about his life and vision for Israel. Our final stop before reaching our Kibbutz was a breathtaking view across the Ramon Crater. At the Kibbutz we had some time to settle in before heading to a BBQ pool party! When we got out of the pool at the end of the night it was still 95 degrees! We are dreading the heat but enjoying having a new experience down south!  

Our day spent in the desert and Eilat was jam-packed and definitely hot! We woke up early to roll around on the sand dunes while the sand was still cool. 

Then, we traveled to the Red Canyon trail and went on a short and beautiful hike in the Negev as the weather started to heat up. Right when it was getting too hot to handle, we made it to the Red Sea for some snorkeling and beach time! 

We then ate lunch and enjoyed banana boating adventures and free time in the water and at the mall in Eilat. On our way back to the Kibbutz, we stopped for some delicious ice cream at Yotvata and fun cow-themed souvenirs. We ended the night with dinner and some free time that the teens filled with sports and games! We are looking forward to a couple more days in the South before heading back to Jerusalem!   

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