Israel Journey #3A – A Day of Spiritual Experiences

On day 4, we woke up bright and early to a packaged breakfast delivered to our rooms while awaiting the last of our 36-hour quarantine. After being just a little late to the bus, we finally made it to an overlook with a beautiful view of Jerusalem for some grape juice and a Shehecheyanu ceremony.

Our next activity was scaling the rampart walls from Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate. It was a fun and moving experience that the group loved. 

David’s Tomb was our next stop, where we learned all about King David and where he was from. It was really interesting to learn about his life and legacy. 

The group was then given free time to roam the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Participants, Riley and Ela, got traditional Israeli shawarma and refreshing iced coffee to fight off the blazing heat. Some other teens got snacks from markets and others purchased some souvenirs. 

Following our time in the Jewish Quarter, the group went to the Kotel and wrote letters to put in the Western Wall. We also learned about the history of the temple and what makes the Wall so holy. The girls changed into long skirts as is customary. This was an amazing experience that most participants have not had the chance to do before. It felt really good for each of us to get in touch with our religion. 

 After connecting with G-d at the Kotel, we had pool time at the hotel. We made new friends and met teens from other Israel Journey #3 buses. We had a buffet-style dinner and then listened to a speaker discuss the geopolitics of Israel. The group ended the night by celebrating Jack’s birthday with a cake and candles. We then went up to our rooms, showered, and packed for the next day. We are excited to see what else is to come! 

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