Israel Journey #2B – Life’s a Climb, but the View is Great

We are having a blast here in Israel!

Today, we did a pre-sunrise hike up Masada via the Roman Ramp Trail. It was an incredible journey and once we reached the top we received a tour of Herod’s mountain top desert fortress which was both enlightening and breathtaking. We took the Snake Path down the mountain—an approximately 1.2 mile journey. 

After lunch, we took a well-deserved swim in the cool desert waterfalls at Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Not only was this incredibly beautiful, but quite refreshing! 

The rest of the day we spent taking in the scenery as we traveled back to Jerusalem for a restful evening. Tomorrow we’re off to the Theodore Herzl Museum and visiting Mahane Yehuda, the famous open air food market, where we’ll get the chance to sample lots of local food. 
More updates to come!!

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