Israel Journey #2A – July 4th, Israel Style

We’re two weeks in and couldn’t be enjoying our journey more. We certainly had a very special (albeit schvitzing) July 4th here in Israel!

We kicked off our morning with breakfast at the hotel. Once we had the most important meal of the day, westarted the day at Netiv HaAsara on the border of Gaza. We learned about what life is like living close from the border. It was a reality most of us did not understand, so this was truly an eye-opening experience. 

From there, we went to Sde Boker, took in the remarkable views, and visited Ben Gurion’s grave (Israel’s first prime minister). We learned that Ben Gurion wanted to be buried in the Negev as a representation that the Negev had to be developed for Israel to prosper. It symbolized the fact that the country is mostly desert, and without serious devotion to growing and understanding the desert, Israel would not survive. 

We then stopped at the Ramon Crater which was absolutely breathtaking. This crater is the world’s largest erosion carater (wow!). Next, we embarked on a journey to the best ice cream in Israel at Yotavata Dairy. The ice cream is awesome and we discovered that Aroma can add ice cream to iced coffee which made us VERY happy. 

From there, we made it to our accommodations in Eilat andall gathered for dinner together to celebrate the 4th of July! We had a special celebration with a BBQ dinner!

This was an amazing end to our first two weeks and we are ecstatic to continue our journey!

P.S. We also wanted to update you that we were notified that the Royal Wing Hotel in Jerusalem is re-opening a week later than expected and can no longer host our groups this week. We’ll now be staying at the (super nice!) Prima Park Hotel in Jerusalem for this Shabbat.

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