Israel Journey #2A – Exploring the Old City of Acco

On day 9 of our trip, we started off with having open, honest, and respectful conversations with Arab-Israeli teens, facilitated by the Galilee Foundation. We sat with their youth director to speak about Israeli Jews and Israeli-Arab relations. We then split into groups and spoke directly with teens about politics, sports, food, and more. We ended with a game of futball (soccer).  These conversations were very eye-opening for all of us. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to have these discussions. 

Participant, Ari C., explained how, “The conversation with the Arab teens made me realize we have more similarities than differences even though we have cultural differences. We discussed the future of an intersectional and multicultural Israel ensuring equality for all, regardless of identity.”

Fom Nahariyaa we went to Karmelit for a lafa bread lunch with our choice of chicken or kebab. We had some time to shop around the mall. Our next stop was Acco. We learned about the crusaders time in Acco and explored the ancient city. Acco was very interesting and walking through 3,000 years of history built on top of one another was fascinating.

“I enjoyed visiting Acco while a documentary was being filmed. Although it was humid it was fun hanging out with friends while exploring the old city,” said teen, Jennifer M. 

We then headed to a nearby shuk and participated in a scavenger hunt. After, we ascended to the beautiful city of Haifa which led us to our hostel with a view of the Mediterranean. 

Finally, we ended our day with dinner at our hostel. We all loved the buffet because it had a variety of amazing food.

We would like to give a quick shout-out to Jeffrey M. His positive attitude is always a pleasure and his inquisitive nature inspires those around him. He’s a good friend and a great addition to our group. 

We are all looking forward to continuing on our Israeli Journey in the days and weeks to come!

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