Israel Journey 2B: The Diverse Land of Israel

Israel Journey #2B, our Interlaken Camp and BB Camp group, has been busy traveling and having a blast around Israel! Day seven started out with a gorgeous hike in the Golan Heights, alongside the Nahal Jilaboun canyon. It was very hot out while we hiked, but the view at the top made the whole experience fulfilling and worthwhile. The teens were able to take lots of beautiful photos of the breathtaking scenery, and with each other. 

Following a delicious pizza lunch, we had the opportunity to learn about the Golan region in a very immersive way. While we learned, we also participated in an off-road Jeep tour along the border. 

Following the adrenaline-pumping Jeep tour, we traveled to Mount Ben Tal. While we were on top of the mountain we could see surrounding countries. It was a wonderful experience being able to see a little more of the Middle East from that perspective.

On the mountain, we were also able to explore former Israel Defense Force (IDF) bunkers. This is also where we learned that we weren’t actually standing on a mountain, but a dormant volcano!

After our volcano exploration, we traveled to the village of Ein Kinya. This village is the center of Druze culture in Israel. The Druze people are a religious minority in Israel and it was great to hear their experiences. It taught us more about the religious diversity that Israel has to offer. Not only did we get to talk to them about the Druze lifestyle and history, but we also got to partake in a traditional Druze meal for dinner. 

Overall, today taught us a lot about the Israeli relationship with Israel and how diverse the Israeli population really is. 

We are thoroughly looking forward to the upcoming days that will be filled with travel, bonding, great food, and lots of cultural revelations. 

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