Israel Journey #2A: The Heat Can’t Stop Us!

Israel Journey #2A has gotten off to a fantastic start! On day seven, we began with a walk through the mystical city of Tzfat. Tzfat is an old city located in the Upper Galilee region of Israel. We visited with Avraham, a knowledgeable speaker about Kabbalah and Jewish spiritual practice. Avraham also owns his own gallery that features his original artwork. In Tzfat, we learned that Jewish spirituality runs so deep throughout Jewish tradition and culture. We were inspired to learn more about Kabbalah and open our eyes to the spirituality within our faith. 

For lunch, we stayed in the area so the teens could enjoy shopping around and grabbing some fresh juice and falafel.  

Following lunch, we ventured off to the Baniarias Falls for a nature walk. Taking in the waterfall was beautiful. Unfortunately, even though the views were gorgeous, we had to cut the nature walk short because of the extreme heat. Everyone still had a blast though! 

Finally, towards the end of the day we went on a rafting adventure down the Jordan river. It was so fun! The teens got to experience Israel like Israelis and cool down from the intense heat. Last but not least, we had a pizza dinner. The pizza was delicious even though it was very different from the type of pizza we are all used to eating. The traditional Israeli pizza that we had the opportunity to eat had a variety of interesting toppings including tuna, corn, green olives, and tomatoes.  

Our days up to now have been wonderful. Participant, Rena B., tell us how “[her] experience the past few days has been so amazing and it has allowed [her] to step outside [her] comfort zone because [she] didn’t really know anyone coming into the program. It also has allowed [her] to experience so much, even in these few days, after a year of being locked in and limited due to Covid.” 

We are also so thrilled to report back how well our teens are getting along and bonding. We have really noticed some leaders in the group who go out of their way to make all the participants feel welcomed and comfortable. These teens continuously have a smile on their face and excitement in their eyes. 

Overall, the trip has truly been an eye-opening experience filled with spirituality, culture and education. Tonight, we are staying at a Kibbutz and are so excited for another full day of being together and learning.

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