Israel Journey #1: A Day in the Spiritual City of Tzfat

Hello all!

Day 7 of our trip started off with a spiritual journey to the old city of Tzfat. Tzfat is known for their old cobblestone roads along with the original art. One of the artists that we spent the day getting to know is named Avraham Loewenthal. Avraham owns a beautiful gallery filled with his own artwork. This city is the center of Israel’s Kabbalah movement as well as the center for Jewish life during the Exile Era. 

Not only were we able to enjoy the culture and history that is captured within the walls of Tzfat, but the city also gave us the opportunity to view Israel from a perspective that we hadn’t seen before. The countless scenic lookouts in Tzfat gave us multiple picture-perfect moments so we can remember our time here for years to come!

Following our day trip to Tzfat, we stopped for lunch at Aroma Espresso Bar. This stop was a big hit! Participant, Allie S. told us that, “Aroma has [her] heart,” and that the “iced coffee is a 10/10!” Allie also explained that in addition to her deliciously refreshing iced coffee, she enjoyed a traditional Israeli meal, falafel. Falafel are deep-fried balls made from chick peas. They are often eaten alongside pita bread. 

Following lunch, we travelled to Israel’s Upper Galilee region and went on a hike surrounded by the waterfalls of the Banias Nature Reserve. The hike was gorgeous and our participants had a great time walking and talking as they got to know each other better.  

We ended the day with an adrenaline rush as we rafted down the Jordan River. Finally, for dinner, we were served freshly cooked pizza on the bank of the Jordan River. 

We are so excited to be spending the night in Galilee and are thoroughly looking forward to another Israeli adventure tomorrow!

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