Italy 2A: Slovenia Reflections

We are having a great time exploring Italy and Slovenia! Here’s what some of our teens have to say about the last couple of days:

Slovenia was great! The mountains were really pretty. It was a nice change and a bit colder than Italy. We really liked rafting in the Soca River. The water was really nice, and the view was beautiful. The water was blue and clear, and refreshing, we even stopped to drink it many times. -Miki & Maya

Slovenia was really nice. The view was so scenic. I enjoyed that it was a laid back vibe. Lake Bled was really nice, it was a great place to relax. Everything around me was really pretty, and the water was really nice.-Stephanie 

The Postojna Caves were really unique. The train ride into the center of the cave was really cool, I liked talking to people about the things we were seeing. Lake Bled was so much fun! There are no lakes back home like Lake Bled. I spent the day swimming, and playing on the slide and diving board.-Lauren

My favorite part of Slovenia was definitely rafting. Sliding down the rivers alongside the Julian Alps was one of the most beautiful and exciting moments I have ever experienced. Yelling at everyone on my raft while being screamed at in languages I could not understand was uniquely amazing, and it was a memory I will not soon forget. In the middle of the trip, the instructors let us stop and swim in freezing cold, crystal clear Slovenian water. Swimming and grabbing more vertically challenged partners as they were nearly pulled away by the tides was an experience in itself. At the end of the day, I felt that rafting with all my new friends was a bonding moment that will last a lifetime. -Ben

Objectively speaking, Slovenia is a far superior country compared to its southern neighbor, Italy. The alps of Slovenia are massive and elegant at the same time with their sky-scraping heights and breathtaking mountain side. Like the alps, Bled Island and rafting were also spectacular. There’s nothing better than boating and exploring an ancient castle surrounded by crystalline water with friends. The food in the capital, Ljubljana, was also delectable with a myriad of flavor and cultural charm. -Spencer
We are excited for a great day in Florence!   

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