Israel Journey #4B: Refreshing Water Sports Day

This week is going to be the BEST week of our life, guaranteed. We already started it off with what I felt was the best day of my life. We started off the morning by snorkeling in the Red Sea. I can not explain to you over an email what this experience was like. It felt like a dream. It felt like I was in a movie. The water was perfectly clear, the coral was beautiful and I’m pretty sure I saw Nemo, which is ALWAYS a plus! After snorkeling, we went to this huge mall with an ice skating rink in it. We had lunch there which was, again, amazing. After lunch, we headed to the beach and went BANANA BOATING. This was so much fun. There is something about the water splashing in your face and being with your new best friends in the middle of nowhere, where you know you will most likely never have this moment ever again. Don’t worry, our day wasn’t over yet. We then went from banana boating and free time at the beach to go get the freshest of ice cream. This definitely helped with the extreme heatwave happening over here. Don’t worry, we are all staying super hydrated, getting lots of sleep and are trying our best to stay healthy. We miss you! See you soon!-Julia Gray 

Today, we explored excavation sites and took part in an archaeological dig! Next, we learned about the culture of Ethiopian Jews and got to taste their cuisine! After a 4 hour bus ride we have arrived in Eilat! 
We are all excited about all of the fun activities in store for us this last week! 

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