United Kingdom- Ireland Discovery: Meeting the Locals

Day 4: Scottish Lochs and Scottish LoxOur adventure continued with a drive through the Highlands of Scotland to the third largest lake in the country Loch Lamond. During the ride, we sat next to a new person we hadn’t met yet. I (Gabe) sat next to one of the Joshs’. The counselors then asked us questions to get to know each other. I learned Josh really enjoys traveling and wants to go to Eastern Europe some time. Finally getting to the loch, the ferry ride was pretty sweet. 
There were numerous Castles and huge estates. One of the castles cost over £100 million. Most of us we tired so on the drive to Glasgow we got a bit of sleep. In Glasgow, we settled in at our hostel and changed for Shabbat. Our dinner was at a deli. There was salad and meats and lox. I was surprised they ate lox at dinner time but they were pretty good. 
Also at dinner we had a surprise waiting for us. 10 teens from Scotland were there to greet us and hangout. I (Amanda) got to know David, he was awesome. We tried to say some of the Scottish words on the cards and they all laughed at our accents. It was interesting meeting them and hearing the similarities and differences between us. Amanda, Gabe, & Lindsay
Day 5 – Shabbat, Bagpipes, and an AMAZING day
It’s Saturday morning, which means it’s also Shabbat. And as we know that is the day we rest, which is ironic because we did a lot of walking today. We start off our first activity by going to a morning service at the synagogue in Scotland. The synagogue was beautiful and had detailed stained glass windows with the sun shining through them. It was quite a sight to see. This was the first service that I went to and it was very educational. I (Josh) actually got to go up and have an Aaliyah when they read the Torah. Harrison, Raphael, and Spencer were asked to go up as well.  I enjoyed the service a lot. The next thing we did was walk all the way to the lovely Kelvingrove Park to eat lunch, which by the way was delicious. What was interesting was that we saw many people walk their dogs without a leash. The dogs were very friendly and many of them were rescued. 
After that nice lunch in the park, we walked Downtown to go shopping and enjoy some free time. Once everyone was done we walked to the Bagpipe Museum/Center. We learned about the history of the bagpipes, how they originated, and how they are made. We also learned how to play the bagpipes. Later after that fun and educational experience, we had dinner at a restaurant located in the Bagpipe Center. It was a tasty dinner. Finally, we walked back to the hostel and did Havdalah. It was a great way to bond and celebrate the end of Shabbat. We gathered in a circle and sang together. We ended the day perfectly with a beautiful sunset behind us. I believe it was a great day and I can’t wait for more of the fun adventures to come.- Emily, Harrison, & Josh Snyder
Day 6- A Titanical Day

Let me say 4am is early. That’s when we had to be down to load the bus and head for the ferry to Ireland. Luckily, Raphael didn’t do his morning routine and sing to us, so we slept on the bus. The ferry was big enough to drive our bus on and then we gathered on the main deck. While some slept, most of us played card games or ate some food.only 2 short hours and we were in Ireland. Our first stop was the Game of Thrones set where they filmed some of the kings landing scenes. They experience was awesome. They had the iron throne and a bunch of the sets from the show. Next, we made it to the Titanic museum. The actual building was the size of the ship. It was HUGE!.  
We saw where they launched the ship and built it. Right from Belfast, we drove to Dublin to catch a Riverdance show. My (Ilan) favorite part was the whole cast dancing together. They were pretty in sync and the sound was awesome. After the show, we got to our hotel in time for dinner. In my opinion (Danielle) this was the best meal yet. There was pizza, spaghetti, pasta, and salads. I’m glad we had quite a bit of free time today during our travels because most of us were tired and we got a chance to catch up, as well as hang out with all of our friends. Welcome to Ireland!-Ilan, Jonathan, & Danielle

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