United Kingdom- Ireland Discovery: Luck of the Irish

Day 7: There be Leprechauns About!

After a good night sleep in the hotel, breakfast was quite the assortment. From pastries to eggs and meats and hash browns, we ate like Kings here in Ireland! It was onto the bus and off to the Leprechaun Museum. I (Luke) was kinda skeptical about a museum of mythical creatures, but to be honest it was funny to experience. This interesting lady told us stories as we wandered through different rooms. One had big chairs, one had a rainbow with chimes, a pot of gold and another was in a forest. We learned of the history and myths of the wee beings.
After the museum, we all got some free time in downtown Dublin. My (Ashley) group went to the Hard Rock Cafe for food. It was awesome getting some food we knew. We were all talking about the next activity, kayaking in the Liffey River through Dublin. We didn’t want to get wet and the river looked cold. In the end, we all decided to go. I (Nate) was paired with Mousa. It was interesting to be on the river rather than walking around the city. To our surprise, there was a band that came along and played Irish music for us under the bridges. Definitely better than what we expected. More relaxing in Dublin then back to the hotel for dinner and sleep. Great day since we had so much time to wander.-Luke, Nate, & Ashley
Day 8: Moher Irish Adventures
We started our day just as before, Breakfast of kings. Today was actually more exciting and boring at the same time. The bus rides were part boring and part exciting. Our normal Golden boy and boker tov woke us up. But the counselors added songs requests today to make our journey more entertaining. The rest of the ride was sleep time. Upon arriving in Galway, we were pleasantly surprised with street performers, cozy storefronts and scenic old European views. As I (Josh Shu) strolled through the streets with my buddies, we were stopped by an Irish dance guy because we attempted to make fun of him. He made us go in front of the crowd to perform our horrible dance techniques.
After Hallway, it was off to the Cliffs of Moher. Our tour guide told us we got really lucky today since we had a sunny day. Apparently, less than 50% of the people who go to the Cliffs get sun, most have fog and clouds. The cliffs were incredible. I (Jake G) brought my camera and got some amazing pics. We were all in awe of the sight. Walking up and down the oaths next to the Cliffs was something I’ll remember forever. What’s next Ireland?- Josh S, Jake G, & Josh S (2.0)
Day 9: Kissing Stones with a side of Cork
Surprisingly today was a later start than normal. Granted a few of our people came a bit late to the bus. A short two hour drive and we made it to the Blarney Castle. The thing about this place is that you have to walk up and kiss a stone in the castle. If you kiss it, you are granted the power of eloquence (whatever that means). So we (Brendan) went to the castle and it turns out you have to walk up an incredibly windy staircase 4 levels to the top. There was a line of people and when you get to the stone you have to lay down, and bend over a ledge 40 feet high and kiss the bottom stone. I managed to lip lock with the precious slab of granite (or whatever it’s made of) along with the millions who have done it before me (gross). We (Michelle) toured around the gardens. There was a fern grove, poison plants, and even a lake. The place was beautiful. We got so much time here, we actually saw everything we wanted to.
Leaving the castle, the counselors had us playing a few games on the bus. We then made it to Cork for some exploration and free time. The streets weren’t as quaint as Gallway, and it smelled like a city. However, it was still fun to roam around and check out the shops and stores. When we meet up, there was a guy playing the guitar and singing, we were able to get him to play some requests. He was pretty decent. A long bus ride later and back to our Dublin hotel for pizza again and bed. Gonna say goodbye to Ireland for now.- Michelle, Brendan, & Mason 

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