United Kingdom- Ireland Discovery: A Little Help From My Friends

Day 10: The FerryWe were on a tight schedule today since we had to make the ferry in time. So breakfast was a quick box and we took off right away. A short trip to the ferry and we said goodbye to the Emerald Isle. This ferry was quite bigger than our last one. There were some bedrooms we could rent, a cafe, an arcade, and a ton more seats to hangout. We decided to go to the cafe and grab some hot breakfast. It was the typical English breakfast but somehow it seemed so good today. Numerous card games and conversations later, we made it to the mainland. Back on the bus and we were ready to go to Liverpool. Then the traffic incident happened. Wow was it bad. We were stopped on the highway for hours. Instead of getting upset, the counselors had some games for us to play. We played “bachelor/bachelorette,” who dun it, interviews and name that tune. Before we knew it we were through the traffic. However, because we were delayed we were going to miss the Beatles Museum and the Virtual reality experience. Ces la Vie. We did, however, get a bunch more free time in the city of Liverpool. Liverpool was amazing. So many side streets and music and just seemed like a lively fun city. Even though we missed a few things, we still had a fun day.-Cami,  Paige, & Josh S
Day 11: The Fab Four Surprise, we rescheduled the Beatles Museum! So exciting! I (Lily) was super excited because my dad loves the Beatles. You walk through with a guided audio tour. It was cool because the music was playing and I actually knew most of them. I learned how the band was formed and some of the individual experiences of them. My favorite was the White room from John Lennon’s apartment in New York. After the museum the drove to London. Right away we had to get changed for Shabbat. This was at an orthodox synagogue so it was a bit more formal than normal. The service was easier to follow than the Irish one since the Rabbi guided us with page numbers. The difference here was that the girls had to sit behind a curtain. That was their way of separating. When the service ended we had dinner at the Shul. It was pretty good. Some chicken schnitzel and fries and veggies. We walked back to the hotel and were given the schedule for the next day. Another pretty relaxing Shabbat.- Jack, Jack, & Lily
Day 12: Lounging in London

I can’t believe it but we were able to sleep in until 11am today. It was so nice. We caught up on all the sleep we’ve been missing. A short walk through a side market and we arrived at a cute park. We played a few games and then had a super chill lunch. Some of us watched the Futbol game that was happening next to us and others were engrossed in a deep discussion of the differences in orthodox ceremonies and reform. Then Drew told a story about King Solomon and his servants. The moral was “this too shall pass.” Live in the moment. If bad things happen, good things will come and if you are happy right now, then cherish it because you might not always feel this way. It was really cool to think about, especially being where we are on this trip together. After lunch, we visited the British Museum and saw some really cool artifacts. I (Dylan) liked the Rosetta Stone. It was an ancient translation stone. Dinner was at an Indian restaurant which was actually pretty good. Our havdallah was in a park and it was a bit more somber since this is our last one for the trip. We each told our Rose (high moment) thorn (low moment) petal (looking forward to). A bit of freetime to play in the park and it was bedtime. Quite a relaxing lounging day for Shabbat.-Jeff, Charlotte, & Dylan 

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