United Kingdom- Ireland Discovery: A Day in London

Day 13: Eye See you London

Quite the dreary start to the day, with rain and a bit of chill in the air; yet, we won’t let the weather dampen our spirits. Today is the first day we get to do all the touristy things we came to do in London. In order to get to our roaming around spots, we needed to travel on the London Underground, better known as “The Tube.” Very similar to the subway, but a bit cleaner in my opinion. A few stops along and we exited with a rush of people and were off to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guards. Most of us were more interested in taking pictures with our friends, but it was pretty cool seeing the show. After, we got some freetime to roam around Leicester Square. We found some cool shops and a few people went out for afternoon tea. When we gather back again we were off to the London Eye. The Eye is a really big Ferris wheel that overlooks all of London. We got some amazing pictures. You could see for miles from the top. After more time around the Thames to shop and play in a park, we made it to a pizza place for dinner. Although it was cheese only, the wood fired pizza was the best I’ve had this trip. Back to the hotel after quite the day traveling through London. -Aiden, Andie, Carmela
Day 14: “Playing” Around London 

After touring part of London Yesterday, we are looking forward to what else London has to offer today. Our first destination of the day is the famous Globe Theatre; a replica theatre of the one William Shakespeare had all of his plays performed. Built out of all wood, the round theatre was a thing to behold. From the ceiling which they call heaven, to the stage floor which is hell, everything looked straight out of Shakespearean time. The lady guide told us many stories about the history of the theater and plays there. I wish we could have seen one. After the Globe, we made our way to the Borough Market for lunch. So many meat, bread and cheese shops. Also cuisine from around the world. We had Thai food and some samples of bread and cheese and fudge. Next we took the tide to our service project. We boxed up food for the Jewish community. The place was called GIFT. They are a Jewish food bank and we helped do random tasks so they can get all the food put to the hundreds of families they serve each week. A quick trip on the tube to Kings Cross station for a Harry Potter monument; Platform 9 3/4. In the wall between the 9 and 10 platforms was a cart with an owl and a scarf that people could take pictures with. Most of us weren’t Harry fans but those who were, were super excited. Back at the hotel, since it was our last night, we did some programs. We read letters we wrote to ourselves two weeks earlier, the counselors have us paper plate awards and we did a game called taps where we tapped on someone who made a meaningful experience for us. I can’t believe the trip is over, it went so fast. Half of the trip is going on to Italy and some are going to Israel while the rest are heading back to the states. We said our goodbyes and off to bed.-Molly, Rachel, Jade 

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