Trek West #2: It’s Hot!

The past four days have nothing but excitement. Each day has been filled with new adventures, new friends, and new experiences. When we first arrived we were shocked with Arizona’s 115 degree heat. As we all broke the ice with some fun ice breaks and a pool party. we got to know each other better and create stronger bonds between all of us. Moving on to the second day we took a short hike to view the red rocks then enjoyed lunch and shopping in downtown Sedona. On the third day, we explored the Grand Canyon, thankfully no one died. It was really cool to see this amazing attraction in person. We then returned to northern Arizona university where we got free time to socialize and get to know each other even better. Today we made our way to ponderosa ranch in Utah. On the way, We made a stop to have a picnic at Lake Powell and explore the glen canyon dam. So far the trip has been nothing but new experiences and adventures and we can’t wait to experience more. 

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