Trek West 2: A Day on the Strip

We started off our day at the Hoover dam where we got to see the fascinating architecture and learn about its extensive history.  Then we got back on the bus and heading towards the Las Vegas strip. At the strip, we had six hours of free time for lunch, dinner, and exploring the strip with our friends. For lunch, people went to various places such as In and Out, the Cheesecake Factory, Guy Furies restaurant,  and Gordon Ramsey’s pub.  However, a couple of other kids, including myself, decided to go to Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen for lunch. Even though it was a bit pricey, it was worth it for the food and once in a lifetime experience.  
After lunch, people enjoyed walking through various hotels and exploring the strip.  One of the events that I experienced, along with many others, was the Bellagio water show. This beautiful event showcased music and various fountain formations to go with it.  Other places that people walked through were the Paris Hotel, the New York  New York hotel, the Bellagio hotel, and Caesars Palace.  We also had the opportunity to go on a roller coaster at the New York New York hotel and have Gondola rides at Bellagio.  Some of us also stopped at the Instagram-famous Hello Kitty dessert truck. Most people had a causal dinner at various pizza places before heading back to the bus to meet with the rest of the group.   
We finished off the night with an amazing performance by the Blue Man Group. The comedic scenes and fun lights gave all of us a great time. We also had fun taking pictures and posing with the group. Overall, today was quite a fabulous day in Las Vegas.
Written by: Lexi Jacobson Edited by: Lacey Kurtz

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