Trek Israel: Travel & Hiking- A Good 1st Day

Shalom from Trek Israel 2019! 
Last night after we all joined forces in Israel, we started our journey to a kibbutz. Once we got there the jet lag kicked in, and we were eager to shower/sleep and prepare for the next day! Today we started the day bright and early with a nice wake-up call from the stray cats, peacocks, and crickets on the kibbutz! We proceeded to a gorgeous hike and a —- lunch in the most peaceful park. Afterwards, we went to the Ilan Ramon Museum and enjoyed a beautiful overview of a huge crater. We were supposed to head to our campsite evening after the crater view, but we decided to move our hike from Sunday’s itinerary to a pre-dinner hike since it was on our way to the campsite. The group was collectively still tired from traveling and initially not thrilled to be adding a hike to our day, but the hike was beautiful and exciting. There were rock-climbing aspects to the hike that challenged and excited each and every one of us, and it was the perfect start to our overnight experience.
At the campsite, we designated some personal chefs to whip up our dinner and then bonded around the bonfire until it was time for bed. Our first full day in Israel was as successful as could possibly be! We are thrilled to continue this journey for the next few weeks and to make more memories as a community. 
~Trek Israel 2019 Staff(Claire, Devin, and Alice)

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