Trek Israel: Sea to Sea

As we continue our trek through the Holy Land, we continue to learn about the land, the people, and the culture.
Today was our second day of the sea to sea hike, but the first full day of intense voyaging. We woke up in the wee hours of the morning to an oddly cloudy sky and a classic Israeli breakfast of bread, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and yogurt. Most of us were filled with excitement yet also very tired and nervous because just the talk made the hike seem pretty daunting. There were clinic trips, spike bushes, and raw heel blisters that plagued us through the hot day. Thankfully, the views were insanely gorgeous, the food was smackin, the music was bangin and the positive attitudes were booming which made everything worthwhile.
After journeying 14 miles and taking 33,000 steps we all feel rewarded with our tremendous accomplishment and now enjoy a scrumptious meal as a family.~Maya Evers from Annapolis,MD  

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