Trek Israel: One Location… Many Prayers

On Friday morning we went to the Jewish diaspora museum where we learned about Judaism in other countries, famous Jews, and Jewish comedy. We also had a fun day at the beach learning to surf having fun in the water.  We ended the day by having a teen led Kabbalah Shabbat with songs and prayer. ~Ethan P. Atlanta GA
On Saturday we had a group discussion about Judaism.  We then went to the Tel Aviv beach for the afternoon.  We had havdallah in the evening on the roof of the hotel. ~Daniel H. Columbia MD
On Sunday, participants started off their morning with a Krav Maga activity on the beach as we made our way to the north of Israel! Teens learned defense skills that they will take into their daily lives. Afterwards, we toured a mosque in Haifa and educated ourselves on the religion and practice of Islam. Teens had the opportunity to first-hand witness the “Call to Prayer” of this incredible community. Lastly, we stopped to enjoy the scenic Baha’i Gardens and then ended the evening with a boat cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. Now, we are gearing up and on our way to begin the Sea-to-Sea hike! ~Trek Israel Staff (Devin, Claire, and Alice) 

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