Trek Israel: Early Mornings, Hikes, & a Float

On Friday we woke up at 5:30 in the morning at the campsite and we went on a hike. The hike was so cool and had amazing views. After the hike we went to the beach and went snorkeling and banana boating. I had so much fun!~Dara B. from South Orange,NJ 
Saturday we had an optional breakfast and swimming free-time in the Kibbutz pool, as it was the day of rest. Later in the day we toured the Kibbutz, which specialized in dairy so we saw the cows, viewed the milking parlor, and played with the baby cows, some as young as a day old! One started sucking my fingers, it was adorable. At night we had havdalah and then went out for a night in Eilat on the boardwalk. I bought Lotus flavored icecream and danced with some street Zumba-ish dance ladies. Amazing. On Sunday we left the kibbutz and travelled to the Dead Sea, stopping to jump down some sand dunes on the way. Now the Dead Sea was EPIC. I can’t wait to tell my physics teacher about it- you float like it’s zero gravity! 
Then we arrived at Bedouin tents for the night and rode camels!!!!! The ship of the desert! I felt like I was a caravan trader in the 8th century or something transporting emeralds and spices and silk or something across the treacherous Sahara on my camel… wish my family could experience all this too!! Love you miss you! -Jordan Parker-Ashe from Virginia Beach,  Virginia
This morning we woke up at 4am!! We went to walk up the Roman ramp up to the top of Masada. From there, we watched the sunrise which was absolutely gorgeous. We heard the story of Masada and walked around the ruins. Then, we went down the snake path and we went and ate breakfast. Afterwards, we went to Ein Gedi and swam in the waterfalls. The water was so clean and the perfect temperature. It was so nice there, with so many plants and lots of water in the middle of the desert. Now, we are on the way to Jerusalem.Zoe Van de Grift from Atlanta, Georgia

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