Trek Costa Rica: Welcome to Costa Rica

The BBYO Passport Trek Costa Rica experience began on July 2nd when 40 teens flew to Costa Rica.  While at first they were a little shy about meeting new people, within an hour, the teens were chatting away, getting to know each other.  Some of the teens said the trip truly started for them when “we met up at the Atlanta airport and went to the world renown restaurant, Bojangles Chicken.”

The next morning, after a delicious traditional Costa Rican breakfast buffet, we headed to Jaco and raced each other through the sea in large Hawaiian canoes.  While one boat crossed the finish line first, we were all winners, enjoying the sunshine, splashing in the water, and feasting on fresh, local fruits.  As told to us by Ally, Alana, Lacey, Matt, Georgia T, Noah G, and Hailey K, they are all enjoying Costa Rica by sleeping on the bus on the way to beautiful beaches with fun activities such as the jello beach game, hiking, and canoeing. They went on to say, “As the fun continued, we also did our part to maintain the beauty of Costa Rica; we picked up garbage off of the shores of an island surrounded by a river of crocodiles. The highlight of the day was when we got to see Osama Bin Laden, an 18 foot crocodile. Little did we know, humans are actually crocodile food, but we found out thanks to someone trying to pet one! Luckily the crocodile went away hungry! 

The next morning, the food during our early morning breakfast was scrumptious at our charming hostel with vibrant sunsets each night. The warm water here in Costa Rica is both beautiful and refreshing. The landscape is breathtaking and is fun to explore. We have met so many amazing people and can’t wait to branch out to even more. Pura vida! 🤙”. 

As you can see, your teens are having a great time exploring, making new friends, and building memories that will last for a lifetime. 

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