Trek Costa Rica: New Foods… New Adventures

On Thursday we woke up and boarded a bus to a Costa Rican plantation. We arrived, and were greeted with a delicious buffet lunch including papaya root, a new food for all of us.  After finishing lunch, we were split into groups and followed guides into what looked like a garden. We quickly discovered that we were actually standing in a grove of cacao trees. Our guide ripped a green pod of one of the trees, and hit it with his machete. He opened the pod to reveal what looked like a cluster of alien eggs, but were really raw cacao beans. He passed the pod around and we each got to try a bean. The beans outer soft layers tasted like tropical fruit, while the inside was bitter and purple. We continued through the farm and tried some very spicy peppers and super bitter herb along the way. Gil said, “Ask anyone who tried either and chances are they still have the taste in their mouth!”

Taste buds burning we had dinner and went to our favorite hostel, Selina’s, for the night. The next day we woke up to go to a waterfall. We walked down 600 steps to reveal a beautiful lake fed by a tall waterfall. The water was freezing, the rocks were slippery, and the water was choppy but we all had a great time. We trekked back up the steps and got on our bus. We then drove to the “hot springs” which truly was a waterpark. For most us this was the first time we had gone on slides fed by hot water. Going from pools fed by hot springs into cold water tubs was very exhilarating!!

All in all the past two days were two to remember.-Gil 

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