Trek Costa Rica: Let the Adventures Continue

About a week over and already wishing we had longer! 

After trying to make friends with the different monkey species in the incredible rainforest, we got to embrace our Jewish roots and bake some challah. That’s where our cheer “challah is made of dough, we are BBYO” came up! The moment everyone was waiting for came, we zipped through the trees and saw the Costa Rican rainforests from 120 ft. up! But, that wasn’t the only highlight of the day. We got to spend time with some of the seniors in the community. Although it was a rocky start, the barrier of language couldn’t keep us from playing cards and bingo with each other. “The hug I received from one of the seniors was the highlight of my day. An hour with someone with whom I could not communicate by speech but just by sitting together changed my day,” said Molly Malek. 

Finally, after a long week, we unwinded with a beautiful Shabbat at “the most beautiful synagogue we had ever seen” and had delicious Costa Rican meals with a local Jewish scholar and his family. But, what’s a vacation without a few trips to the mall? That’s where we bonded with one another, saw Spider-Man, and shopped around for all the Costa Rican goodies!

One of the most scenic activities that we did so far on the trip was white water rafting. The thrill of rafting through the rapids, while also seeing Costa Rica’s beautiful nature was breathtaking for all of us. When we realized that white water rafting could sweep away eyeglasses, our very own Gil pulled a “McGuyver” and came up with a way to use a plastic bag to create straps to secure them.  Those of us who wear glasses were amazed and appreciative!!  We have tried so many new, exciting activities and foods. We can’t wait to experience even more of these amazing opportunities! As much as we miss our families, each other’s company is truly incredible! – Ellie, Emelia, Georgia, Molly 

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