Stand UP Thailand: Welcome to Bangkok

We’re happy to report that we made it safe and sound to Bangkok, Thailand! As you know, we had a long journey, stopping in Shanghai, before arriving in Bangkok! The main excitement in the airport in Shanghai was trying all the different Starbucks drinks that we don’t have in the US. Plus, we got to start day 1 with the birthday of Rachel Shatzkin!

Our wonderful Thai guides, Kit and Faith, met us in the airport and have already been sharing a lot of knowledge with us about Thai politics, royalty, and currency. Thai is a tough language for us Americans but it has been fun starting to learn; last night they gave us a little lesson to learn some Thai essentials, such as hello, thank you, and bathroom! Since we were all exhausted from our travels, our guides kindly let us move the city tour and visit to a few temples to Thursday morning.

Our first afternoon we got to cool off in the beautiful hotel pool and relax more before our first Thai dinner. Now we’re on our way to spend our first full day in Thailand at a river market celebrating Isabella Minkin’s birthday!

We’re all incredibly excited to be here and have the opportunity to explore this amazing country.

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