Stand UP Thailand: Shabbat Electives

On Friday morning we headed to Pai! It was a long and windy drive, but well worth it. We went to a stunning overlook, walked through rice field, and tried a century egg (much better than we thought it would be). After we arrived at our hotel we spent a while running in and out of the hot springs and heading to the pool before finally settling in for Shabbat. The next day was full of rest and relaxation. When the participants were out of Shabbat programming, they continued to enjoy all our resort had to offer. Some got massages, others went looking for elephants, and the remainder just enjoyed the sun and the water. That night kids were given money to eat out at the Pai market. 
When we got back, Kit, our tour guide, had gotten us floating lanterns that we lit and let float up into the air.Sunday was somehow even better than Saturday. We went to the mountain float resort where the kids took full advantage of the blob, water trampoline and kayaks. We spent the afternoon enjoying the view from our boat houses and swimming in the lake. 

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