Stand UP Thailand: Second Chance Service

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in Thailand for four days considering how much we’ve done!
Our last update left off when we were on our way to the floating market, which was absolutely incredible. Everyone got into boats and we were lead through the market on the river.
After we got off of our boats we had a quick lesson where we saw how sugar is made from coconut trees. Our lesson was followed up by coconut ice cream and fried rice which were both delicious.Yesterday we went to Wat Pho which is a stunning temple. We discussed Buddhism and what it takes to become a monk, and then gave the teens some time to explore on their own.
After lunch we went to Second Chance, a secondhand clothing store, to learn how they serve their community. We saw how they take donations for clothing and household items and sell them to the community at a very low cost, and how they don’t throw anything out. They take damaged clothing and turn the fabric into stuffed animals, bags, magnets, keychains, and more. We made magnets and bags out of old shirts and then got to shop in their store.
After Second Chance we headed straight for the airport to go to Chiang Mai. We had an early night and woke up excited to head to another temple and market today! 

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