Stand UP Thailand: Cooking, Elephants, and a Trip to Remember

On Monday, we woke up on the water at the Mountain Float, ate breakfast, and spent a couple hours swimming, kayaking, reading, and relaxing. When it was time to leave, we took a boat ride to shore and hopped on the vans to go back to Chiang Mai. Once we arrived in Chiang Mai, we took a Thai cooking class, in which we made, and then ate Pad Thai, green curry, and mushroom soup. Following cooking class, we went to a local night market to do some shopping. 

On Tuesday, we had the elephant sanctuary, which was what a lot of participants were most excited for on this trip. It did not disappoint. First, we learned about the history of elephants in Thailand and across the world. Then, we learned about the four elephants that we were going to meet. upon meeting them, we greeted them with bananas, and they greeted us with hugs and kisses! after snack time, we brought the elephants to a couple different ponds so that we could give them a mud bath, then clean them off. Once it was time to say goodbye to our new friends, we cleaned off on a huge water slide, followed by a yummy lunch. 

After the elephant sanctuary, we had a Monk Chat in our hotel, where we got the opportunity to talk with a Monk and ask him any questions we might have about Buddhism, becoming a Monk, their history, and more. Wednesday was unfortunately the last day, but we tried not to let that get us down. first off, we needed to fly to Bangkok. Once in Bangkok, we went to the biggest mall in Thailand, called MBK. Next, we headed to the water to go on our dinner cruise and bond together for one last time. After the cruise, we needed to go to the Bangkok Airport to head back to New York.

Thank you guys for everything, it has been an amazing trip!

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