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Molweni and Hello!
The past few days at the Baphumelele Service site has been focused on current needs of the community. The first few days were focused on building and beautifying a shack house for marginalized children, that will be cared for by Baphumelele and local community members of the Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town. We also socialized with children in the Baphumelele pre-K program and played with toddlers that are in their clinic.
We further explored and learned about Cape Town communities when we visited the District 6 Museum, the Bo Kaap neighborhood, and the Lelapa Township. Our guide at the District 6 Museum told us about her experience living in the area during the apartheid era and shared memories of when her family was forcibly removed by the government. The area was designated whites only and demolished. The experience inspired many great conversations about the apartheid, equal rights, and more!
The Bo Kaap experience started with a short tour learning about the history of slavery in Cape Town and a short stop at a local market! After, we strolled through the Bo Kaap neighborhood which was marked by small colorful buildings on a hill. That evening we met a local family that taught us how to cook local cuisine. It really is true, the best meals are the ones you make with your own hands! Make sure to ask us about it when we get home, because we all received a small book of recipes!
The Lelapa Township tour started at a local restaurant that included great food and a performance by a local band. We next when to the Guga S’Tbebe Community center where we saw and learned about local after school programs, job training and more. Our tour of Lelapa continued on foot with local guides. They spoke about their own experiences living in the Township and the history of the area. We saw some of the challenges leftover from the apartheid, like shacks and temporary housing. 
We returned to our accommodations for dinner and our own Stand UP South Africa talent show! After we had a dance party and commemorated all of the fun we have had together over the past 3 weeks. Our other evening activities recently have included an intimate concert with a local folk artist who sang stories about South African people and a photo contest of our own favorite photos!
 While we are not done yet, we recognize the program is coming to a close and while we are excited to return home to share our experiences with you, we are excited to spend one more Shabbat together. 
Until then, we cannot wait for what is next! 

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