Stand UP Dominican Republic: Jewish Schools & Dance Party

Dear parents, 

On Monday we took a tour of Luis Hess School guides by a student who attended in the 1940s. He told us about how the school was founded and how it has changed since it’s creation. He was joined by the current principal of the school who explained that it still operates as a highly regarded private school. We had a chance to ask questions to both of our guides. In addition to the Jewish school we visited the Jewish cemetery in Sosua which is still in use today. When we visited they were working on some upkeep and beautification. We swept headstones and gave all of them fresh coats of paint. Once again we were very lucky to have dinner on the beach and time to swim in the beautiful blue water. This morning we were back at our service project which was extra exciting because we hadn’t been there since Friday. Our teens are in a great routine and know exactly where to be and what to do when we arrive at camp. It is awesome to see them taking on leadership roles at camp. As well, we continued the painting of the school that we started on Friday. 
In the afternoon we walked down a nature trail in El Choco Park that led us to a hidden cave! We climbed down into the cave and swam in the chilly water. For a lot of the teens it was their first time swimming in a cave so they were extra excited. We have been looking forward to the river cruise since we got here and tonight we finally had it. We coasted down the river for about half an hour before we arrived at our dinner buffet. We also got to have a bonfire and bachata dance party. Tomorrow is our last day of camp and we know that our teens are going to be very sad to leave the kids here.    

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