Stand UP DC#2: Bringing the Experience Home

It’s hard to believe that our experience is coming to a close so quickly. This has been an eye-opening opportunity for everyone. Here are some highlights from the participants.  

“I was really inspired by the organizations we visited because they are all fighting many problems that I haven’t thought about, and I would love to try and help out more once I’m back home.” ~Ezra

“Giving back is changing people’s lives no matter how big or small it is. Even just a few hours of service shows someone you care about them.” ~ Annabel 

“My favorite thing from yesterday was the African American war  museum” ~Mia

“Yesterday at the African American Civil War Museum I learned that during the Civil War there were many different regiments that fought in the battle. In these regiments, there were African Americans that were not treated fairly and they still gave their lives to fight for the country.” ~Jacob 

“I thought the gentrification tour was the most interesting.” ~Emily

 I thought that the budget simulation at dinner really made me see the struggle that many homeless people have with purchasing affordable, healthy food~Jesse        

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