Stand UP DC #1: Listen to People’s Stories

Shalom Family & Friends,
Thing have been busy over here at SUDC (Stand Up DC)!
On Friday morning, we went to “Food and Friends” where helped put together specialized food bags. This experience really stuck out to Rebecca Parish who said, “It was really special for me to see an organization that takes into account people’s dietary needs. I was really happy to learn that there are people in the world who think about the best for specific individuals.” We then celebrated Shabbat with different services planned by all of the participants. 
During Shabbat, “We all bonded and laughed a lot. I [Laila Alssid] enjoyed learning how everyone spends Shabbat and having a very relaxing day.” We ended Shabbat with a special extended Havdallah service which was Maddie Fellner’s favorite part, “Because it really felt like we were a community. We were dancing, singing, laughing and experiencing prayer in a way that was new to a lot of us.” Taking all of the good vibes from Shabbat, we packaged supply bags for people experiencing homelessness or poverty who were at Franklin Park. All of us then handed these out directly to people who were in need of them and we were able to hear their stories. This experience deeply affected Zach Goodman, Eliana Goodman, Grace Malinger, and Brooke Sard who said the following about the experience: “I met a really kind man named Pat. He had a degree in physics from the University of Florida, he knew many high ranking government officials from different countries, and he served in the Navy. He taught us a lot about history. I don’t know how society could have displaced someone like him.” – Zach

“This was a pivotal moment on my perspective of homeless people because they all were willing to have a conversation and loved to talk. The people we met gave advice and encouraged us to become involved in our communities as well as politics to truly make a difference.” – Eliana 

“Assembling the bags was fun, but nothing will beat the conversation I had with Yosef. Yosef, an immigrant, gave me and the girls the advice he wishes he could give to his daughter who still resides in his home country. He reminded us to never assume, never take the world for granted and encouraged us to become congresswomen. His words will stick with me forever, and I am so grateful I got to meet him.” – Grace 

“ June 30, 2019 was my favorite day and most impactful throughout my experience so far. It gave me the opportunity to truly connect and understand and hear some of these people’s stories. While I was nervous at first, a young man then caught my attention. Yosef was his name. Yosef inspired me and explained to me, ‘We are not animals, we know that there is a tomorrow and that if we can do today, we can do the next – next week, next month, even next year.” – Brooke

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